Souvenir Photo/Lead Capture Upgrade
from Bryan Quinn Productions

Our souvenir photo kiosks

Bryan Quinn Productions has changed the game again!

With our Souvenir Photo/Lead Capture Upgrade, we take our already effective marketing event entertainment options and “crank it up to 11″. This system will push your event out to social media, making it go viral. This means that your marketing dollars are getting even greater results as your messaging reaches viewers far beyond those attending the event. Here’s a breakdown of how our proprietary system works:

  • Our system snaps a photo of everyone participating in your chosen activity (driving our racecars, playing a game show, or you could use it for photo booth style images)
  • Then it automatically adds a border and your logo to these photos.
  • After the race or game show, each participant is invited to step up to one of our iPad kiosks (ask about custom signage opportunities)
  • At the kiosks, each person selects their photo and enters in their name and email.
  • They also have the option to enter several additional emails of friends and family they also want to receive the photo.
  • Within moments (varies depending on wi-fi and internet speeds) they receive an email.
  • When they open the email, they find this branded photo along with share buttons and your predetermined marketing messages.
  • They are encouraged to post this memorable photo to social media for their followers to enjoy.
  • Your fun and exciting booth activity is now being shared throughout social media, making your marketing messages go viral.
  • Following the event, you receive all of the data collected, giving you the opportunity to follow up with these potential leads.

There is nothing else like it! Sure photo booths can be fun and they might even offer the social media capability, but with our system, you are giving them an interactive experience first and foremost. Who hasn’t dreamed of driving a racecar or being a game show contestant? No one we know! You let them live out those fantasies, while learning about your products and services. Then you give them the tools to go out and market FOR you by sharing these branded photos. How could it get any better?

Participants retrieve their photos
Close up of our ipad kiosks