Bryan Quinn Productions Provides Corporate Event Entertainment and Media Design/Production.

This high-level website is intended as an introduction to Bryan Quinn Productions and all of our capabilities. Once you’ve scrolled down this page, click the links to each service’s summary page. You’ll get an overview of whichever service you are interested in and will be able the link to the dedicated in-depth website for that product.

If your primary interest is entertainment for a trade show booth or marketing activation event, be sure to visit our website It is dedicated to this specialty form of event entertainment, which is our specialty.

It may seem odd that we offer both live event and media production, but it came about quite organically. For close to 25 years we have been providing world-class entertainment at corporate and marketing events across the country. We’ve performed in more than half of the States and for many prestigious companies.

Over the years we began to create all of our own visuals in house (game show software, promotional videos, print materials, etc.). In doing so, we built a phenomenal team of graphic designers, computer coders, animators, cinematographers and editors. Then we started to get asked if we did media projects for others, so we asked ourselves, “Why not?”

Our company is organized into two groups and provides services under several brand names:

Corporate Event Entertainment Group

  • Checkered Flag Interactive Racing™ – Remote Control NASCAR®-Style Racing for Corporate and Promotional Events.

  • Ultimate Game Show® – Customized Game Show Productions for Corporate and Promotional Events.

  • The Ultimate Derby – Custom Animated Horse Racing for Corporate and Promotional Events.

Media Production Group

  • Bryan Quinn Media Productions – Design and Production of Videos, Animations, Websites, Corporate Identity Packages and more.

  • Bryan Quinn Aerial Productions – FAA Certified Aerial Photography, Cinematography, Mapping and Inspections.

Interactive Experiential Entertainment Choices for Corporate Events and Marketing Activations:

Bryan Quinn Productions let’s you give your guests an experience they’ll never forget.


We offer several entertainment options for corporate and marketing events. Each offers your guests uniquely memorable interactive experiences. They are all fully customizable with your logos and color schemes as well as effectively delivering your brand messaging and/or training materials. These event activities will keep your guests engaged and returning to play again and again.


Choose from:

Checkered Flag Interactive Racing logo
Ultimate Game Show Logo
The Ultimate Derby Logo

Eye-Popping Media Designs Are Waiting For You:

Bryan Quinn Productions creates digital and print media for all applications.


Bryan Quinn Productions will help get your message across with video, websites, apps and printed materials. We deliver creative/clean designs featuring impactful visuals. For digital mediums, we ensure that everything works cross-platform. And we can handle the entire print project process from design to production to delivery.

Bryan Quinn Media Productions
Bryan Quinn Aerial Productions logo

Bryan Quinn Production’s
Checkered Flag
Interactive Racing
Drew Major Crowds
At the Daytona 500
in 2016 and 2017!

Here are some key points of our Entertainment Programs:

  • With our car race systems we provide: realistic racecars, driving consoles with real steering wheels and shifters (no remote to hold in your hand), computerized electronic scoring, a customizeable video scoreboard, and life-like racing sound effects.

  • Our mobile game show productions feature all the glitter, flash, and fun of a TV studio production : music, lights, electronic scoring, sound effects – all the bells and whistles!

  • Our newest entertainment option, Ultimate Derby, offers clients a high-energy night of horse racing featuring animated races and a professional horse race announcer.

  • Our car racing is NOT just for race fans!!!! Absolutely everyone enjoys driving these cars. In fact, it is so addictive, we have to pry the steering wheel out of most people’s hands.

  • Your content becomes the game show! We will work with you to create a customized game show experience where your sales/training material is reinforced throughout. Scientific studies have shown that a game show activity can increase information retention by more than 30%.

A game show from Bryan Quinn Productions
A client's business cards, promotional video and Facebook page design.

Here are some key points of our Media Production:

  • We are a boutique creative agency who listens to our client’s needs.

  • Not only can we design your print projects, but we have partners who can print and deliver them right to your doorstep.

  • Our web and app designers use the latest technologies to provide smooth experiences for your users.

  • Our cinematographers and photographers will capture epic shots for you, whether on the ground or using our top-of-the-line professional drones.

  • Our drone pilots are FAA Part 107 Certified meaning they can legally fly for your commercial purposes. (Many operators are illegally flying for businesses and their clients are liable.)

Incredible Choices for Trade Show Booth Entertainment and Marketing Activations:

Bryan Quinn Productions let’s you give your potential customers an experience they’ll never forget.

Checkered Flag Interactive Racing

High-speed RC racing action at your event.


Click the button below to learn how Checkered Flag Interactive Racing is fastest route to event success.

Ultimate Game Show

TV-style game shows at your event


Click the button below to learn how Ultimate Game Show is your “final answer” in event entertainment.

Ultimate Derby

Customizable Horse/Owner Names


Ultimate Derby brings the excitement and energy of real horse racing to your event. Your crowd WILL go WILD!

Bryan Quinn Media Productions

Impactful videos, websites and print matierals


Click the button below to learn how Bryan Quinn Media Productions will help your company look its best.

Bryan Quinn Aerial Productions

Drone photos, videos and survey mapping


Click the button below to learn how Bryan Quinn Aerial Production’s FAA Certified pilots will get your shot.

Photo Activation Upgrade

Give souvenir photos while collecting particpant data.


Click the button to learn how our Photo Activation Upgrade will push your event to social media & gather contacts.

Bryan Quinn Productions is YOUR choice for Event Entertainment and/or Media Creation.

Your event goes into over-drive.

Checkered Flag Interactive Racing

Your logos will be racing around the track on custom designed racecars with realistic NASCAR-style paint schemes highlighting your products and services. Your marketing messages will scroll across our video scoreboard as banner ads and commercials can play between races, keeping your audience engaged. And for an even bigger impact, we can produce a fully branded track wrap… an enormous branding opportunity. Click the photo above for more information.

There’s nothing trivial about your event.

Ultimate Game Show

Everyone loves game shows! Your guests will test their knowledge of your products and services as they answer custom written game show questions. Whether we’re presenting one of our proprietary original games or a recreation of a popular TV show, your crowd will love it. We offer total participation keypad games or stage shows featuring select participants or VIPs.  Click the photo above for more information.

Groups go haywire for our horses.

The Ultimate Derby

Our newest entertainment option, Ultimate Derby,  offers clients a high-energy night of horse racing featuring animated races and a professional horse race announcer. You will NOT believe how excited people get over our animated horses, which are custom named by you or your VIPs. As they race around the track, EVERYONE screams and yells for these cartoon ponies to run faster as if they can hear them! We’ve got a variety of mock wagering options. Click the photo above for more information.

Your company will look fantastic.

Bryan Quinn Media Productions

We create high-impact videos, beautiful user-friendly websites and captivating print media that will help your business sand out. Getting your marketing and sales message to your clients is critical. Our team of desginers, cinematographers, editors, animators and FAA certified drone pilots are all eager to create the media assets that your business deserves and your clients demand. We can take your project through all phases in-house. Click the photo above for more information.

Have a whole new perspective.

Bryan Quinn Aerial Productions

It’s becoming impossible to watch a TV show or movie and not see aerial footage. Thanks to our high-tech drones and FAA certified pilots, we can bring these same power perspectives to your marketing videos, commercials and print ads. And nothing makes a real estate listing look more impressive. Plus our aircraft and software are also capable of some incredible mapping tasks such as creating a crop diagram or a 3d model of an area. Click the photo above for more information

Make your booth viral.

Photo Activation Upgrade

We will help generate leads and expand your event’s exposure. During each race or game show, every participant’s photo will be taken. After their engagement, they will enter contact information at kiosks and the photo will be emailed to them along with whatever marketing messages you wish to include. These photos then get shared to social media. It’s a foolproof way for you to gather leads at your booth or activation. Click the photo above for more information.

Bryan Quinn Productions is YOUR choice for Event Entertainment and/or Media Creation.

Checkered Flag Interactive Racing entertaining at a marketing activation event

About Bryan Quinn Productions

Founded over 20 years ago, we are primarily  a corporate event production company. We have worked for hundreds of companies ranging from start-ups to corporations at the top of the Fortune 500. We offer several entertainment options all designed to create memorable experiences for guests. Marketing and promotional events make up a large part of what we do. This means trade shows and other marketing activations where high-impact entertainment is desired. But that’s not to say that we haven’t performed at pretty much any type of event you could imagine.

What makes us very different from all other event production companies is that we don’t subcontract out our events and/or act as an agency. When you hire Bryan Quinn Productions, you will work with the same in-house staff member all the way through the process – from your initial sales call, the pre-event planning, your successful event, your sales call for next year’s event. This continuity ensures that we over-deliver on our initial promises and that your event always has our undivided attention.

And when it comes to media design and production branch, we approach every project with the same creativity and detail that we give to our in-house media needs. Our team of artists and programmers will deliver results beyond your wildest dreams.

OUR Game Show
Entertainment Makes
YOUR Event
A Huge Success!

Corporate Events,
Employee Training,
Team Building,
Trade Shows,
Promotional Events, Etc,
Will All Benefit
From OUR programs.

Client Reviews: We Love Our Clients, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to making every trade show booth and marketing activation we’re involved with the most successful ever for our clients.

When you book Bryan Quinn Productions, there is no need to worry about anything. The entertainment in your trade show booth or marketing activation WILL draw crowds, gather leads and generate sales.

Check out what a few of our clients are saying about us!

Here Are A Few Companies That Have Worked With Bryan Quinn Productions:

“This is absolutely fantastic. What a lot of fun. We were told we were having a game show, but we never expected something so realistic. This was just like a real game show. You guys do a wonderful job.”

Paul Robins and Phil Cowan, Y-92.5 FM

“You were absolutely fabulous at this month’s N.A.C.E. dinner. As catering executives, we see a lot of entertainers, but your Ultimate Game Show is the best. You had everyone jumping up and down and going crazy like they were on the “Price Is Right”. I can’t wait to sell this to my clients. What fun!”

Elena L. , N.A.C.E.

“Everyone had a great time playing The Ultimate Game Show. What an awesome set-up! I would highly recommend your team- building programs and especially your Ultimate Game Show to anyone.”

Chris F, Blockbuster Entertainment
The remote control race track was amazing. It looked great and operated flawlessly throughout the entire 2 day event. Our attendees loved it! I think it is safe to say that this was the most popular attraction at the event. I will definitely be hiring Checkered Flag Interactive Racing for this event next year and for many future events to come.
Karen B., The Stockton Record

“Thank you for hosting our Game Show yesterday. Your energy and enthusiasm helped us successfully drive home training on our new products and offers. This was an event the Account Executives will talk about for years to come. I took the liberty of sharing your contact information with other departments and would recommend your service to anyone.”

Colleen B., AT&T Wireless Services
You guys rocked it at PMA. Your Spin To Win game was a huge hit. We had a crowd in our booth non-stop all three days. The hosts did a great job highlighting the feaures and benefits of our new product line. And the two models you provided were very professional – the perfect brand ambassadors. We are already making plans for next year’s booth and you will definitely be a part of it. Thanks again.
Allan H., JVC Company of America
Working with Checkered Flag Interactive Racing has been a pleasure. Before the event they brought a lot of ideas to the table and we went with most of them. At the event the appearance of the setup looked great. The participation of our prospects was great. We generated more traffic and leads than any other trade show. The great thing was that the prospects really enjoyed racing and they were coming back over and over again to our booth, allowing our sales people to really make connections with them, which is what it’s all about. I’ve really enjoyed dealing with Checkered Flag Interactive Racing and it is the best attraction I have ever used at a trade show.
Pattrick M, SGS North America Inc

I want to thank you for all you did to make my client’s marketing activation at the Daytona 500 such a huge success. Your attraction far exceeded all of our expectations. You were both amazing throughout the event. Everyone loved the racing experience. And the customized cars you produced looked amazing! You guys worked tirelessly allowing as many fans to race as possible (2,400 drivers over 4 days).

Thanks again for a great job. I really enjoyed meeting and working with you! Looking forward to our next opportunity to work together.